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About Jobs in Belleville

Belleville, with a population of 48,821, is known as the "friendly city" and located on the Bay of Quinte. Belleville is conveniently located on Highway 401, providing easy access to major cities including Ottawa, Kingston, and the Greater Toronto Area.

The City's strong diverse industrial base produces everything from plastics and packaging to auto parts, high-tech, distribution and customer contact centres. Belleville has state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, consisting of digital switching and fibre optic cabling. Belleville's labour force is particularly strong in the area of skilled trades, and with the presence of Loyalist College and its specialized training programs, the community has a generous capacity to learn and upgrade skills. The quality of life that Belleville offers plays a great role in supplying jobs in Belleville to those living outside of the region to the City. Labour is generally drawn from a 40-50 km radius around the City of Belleville, representing a population base of more than 200,000 skilled and unskilled, motivated people. The labour force for jobs in Belleville tends to be more highly trained in the skilled trade areas, which is a significant reason for the strong and diverse industrial sector located in the City of Belleville.

Overall, the population of Belleville is more highly educated than elsewhere in Ontario and Canada as a whole, but post secondary education is more strongly oriented towards technical training than university.

The Great Hawkins Cheezies, Proctor & Gamble, Lipton, Wilson Sports, Sears, and Kellogg Company are among the internationally known companies with industrial operations and opportunities for jobs in Belleville. With an unemployment of 6.5 percent, there is still a strong participation rate of those seeking jobs in Belleville - 63.5 percent. Among the most common occupations of those holding jobs in Belleville are sales and service occupations; business, finance and administration occupations; and trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations. The top industries providing jobs in Belleville are business services, retail trade, and manufacturing.